A different app for every single thing is unneccesary. So, we've changed it.

With Essential Manager you create mini-apps, tailored exactly to your own liking, in minutes.

It's easy, too.

You don't need any advanced skills or knowledge. Anyone can build with Essential Manager.

Create table

Every "table" is a new thing you'd like to organize. For instance electric usage, weight history, to-do lists or a collection of ideas.

Design table

Add the utilities you need. For tracking eletric usage, for instance, you'd need a date and the kWh value. There's a wide range of options, like dates, text, numbers, currencies, email, websites, phone numbers and so much more!

Life is now easier

There's no third step. Now you start adding relevant content to your table. Enjoy!

Design your own subscription

We love simplicity and flexibility.
We adore when things are made the way they were supposed to.

We believe, that the best thing is to let you decide what you want to pay for.

We have no bundles, no packages, none of that.
You design the contents of the subscription.

You can trust in us...

... Because, we trust in you <3

Upside down

You don't pay upfront. You pay for what you've used, at the end of the month. You'll see your money's worth before you pay them.


You can turn features on/off whenever you like. If you use a feature for 10 days, you pay for only 10 days.


We understand that a cancellation happens when our product isn't worth our charge.

So, to make things easy: When you cancel, you don't have to pay for the month you're cancelling in.


First 3 tables Free every month, until eternity
Then €0.20 per table, per month


Tags €1 per month Categorize your content with colorful, dynamic labels and tags.
Reminders €1 per month Receive notifications to remind you about entries. For instance: Receive a reminder to add your electric usage once a month, or log your weight every week.
API Builder €20 per month Coming soon!

We kinda like you.

We hope you that, maybe, you know. Nah, we're being silly. You wanna sign up sometime, maybe?